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 We Keep Critical Infrastructure Going

Secure Supply obtains a wide range of materials for critical enterprises with a secure acquisition  process that has been honed with over 30 years experience working with the US Federal Government.  We combine innovation with integrated enterprise level security solutions to deliver a streamlined acquisition model employing state of the art secure supply chain management solutions. We are a SBA certified HUBZone company, which greatly simplifies and accelerates procurement timelines.


The Secure Supply Way

We Make It Easy

We have created an acquisition model that makes it simple for you to obtain the materials you need.

Quality Assurance

We have the knowledge, relationships and procedures to ensure product accuracy and quality.

Peace of Mind

Security is the foundation of our company. We use enterprise level security at every level of the procurement process. 

We Take Supply Chain Security Seriously.

In 2022  there has been a reported 78% increase in cyber-attacks, with an estimated 50% of those attacks targeting supply chains.  With the ever-evolving threat to supply chains, we take security very seriously.
Secure Supply has set into place security provisions for every step of the supply chain process. We form deep relations with both our vendors and customers to vet them. We know the products our customers need and ensure that the items aren’t fraudulent. All communications with vendors and customers go through a series of email authentication procedures. To complete our security matrix, Secure Supply uses state of the art enterprise level security software at all levels of business to ensure the safety of our and our client’s data.


HUBZone Certified

Discover the Advantages of Partnering with a HUBZone Certified Supply Chain Company. This certification give Secure Supply a distinct set of advantages that extend beyond traditional procurement dynamics. Let's explore how partnering with such certified entities opens doors to a realm of benefits that contribute to project excellence and broader community development.

We Create The Supply Chain That Keep Critical Infrastructure Moving!

Secure Supply proudly supports a variety of industries critical to the U.S. infrastructure. We work with high quality suppliers that we trust to provide high quality items on time.






Scientific Research








Radiation Detection, Screening and Clean Up

Medical Research



View The Suppliers We're Proud To Work With.

Why Secure Supply?

Ready For A Reliable and Secure Supply Chain?

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